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Sainte Luce

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Part of the last remaining absolute coastal forest in the south east of Madagascar, managed as a non-profit social enterprise to protect flora & fauna in consultation with local people.


On an island-like peninsular, cut off from the mainland by river mouths to the north and south, the reserve has been established to contribute to the conservation of this extraordinary habitat, being part of the very last absolute coastal forest left in the south east of Madagascar and one of the most critically endangered micro-habitats in the country.  The reserve is bounded to the east by the Indian Ocean (and of course her white sand beaches), to the west by winding fresh water rivers, and to the north & south by more protected forests.  There is no adjacent village, the nearest neighbours are a canoe ride away in Manafiafy or 18km down the beach in Itapera.  Our reserve boasts fresh water habitat, marine habitat, littoral forest, mangrove, wetland and open grasslands, you will find lemurs, birds, reptiles, mammals, sea turtles, crocodiles.... it's all here.


Sainte Luce Reserve is presently closed to the public but is accessible to researchers and volunteers by prior arrangement.  


The reserve is adjacent to 350 hectares of protected forest and wetlands and boasts 18 kilometres of white-sand beach.  Our management of this forest protects the area from uncontrolled development, ensures the integrity of the protected area, and ensures the protection of the coastline as one tract of forest.  


The reserve is currently managed by a friendly partnership between a number of stakeholders.  We boast many, many decades of combined experience in this part of Madagascar, award-winning individuals now working as a team to provide a sustainable conservation solution for this extraordinary habitat.

Where the forest meets the Indian Ocean....

We have one clear conservation goal: to ensure the protection of this last piece of coastal forest.  We also have one clear method: to engage with local people, stakeholders and volunteers in sustainable economic activities to fund the research, management and local engagement necessary to ensure protection.  Please come visit, join a research program, volunteer to work at the reserve, or ask us about how we can facilitiate your study in a win-win-win sort of way...


Sainte Luce Reserve is a participant in the Lemur Conservation Network, which is a project of the Madagascar Section of the IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group.